We’re asked all the time: “What does a colocation company have to do with ‘the cloud?’”

Just because we’re a colocation company doesn’t mean we can’t help you with cloud solutions. In fact, our data centers’ infrastructure is tailored to maximize your server’s efficiency—and besides, “the cloud” is as much a server as the next!

Let Colocation America connect you to the cloud with Hybrid Cloud solutions, we call “SmartE Cloud,” that will drive your customer base, grow your business, and keep you online 24/7.

We understand the IT transformation into the cloud. Standard IT infrastructure is no longer good enough for enterprise level businesses. The cloud has come and is here to stay and at Colocation America IT’S ALL ABOUT CONNECTIONS…

If you don’t believe us, you can go ahead and read a first-hand account case study from one of our customers right here.

Let Us Connect You to the Cloud

Colocation America can connect to all the major cloud providers, like the ones shown above, and can help you set up your own private cloud. Contact us today so we can deliver the best cloud solution for your needs.



Now that you know Colocation America can connect to the cloud, what makes us stand out?

Well, our SmartE Cloud system has some pretty awesome features, adaptable to any kind of cloud infrastructure:

Data Security

Colocation America’s Cloud services use multiple redundant systems which provide maximum protection for data and the server as a whole.

Real-Time Protection

With rollback snapshot capabilities, Colocation America’s cloud allows users to return their server to an earlier configuration without having to worry about settings or changed files. Your system can also run in “development/staging” or “production” modes simultaneously.

Dedicated Network

The availability of Colocation America’s dedicated and private networks provides maximum performance for high-demand applications (like VoIP) and provides the security a business needs for their network.

Redundant System

Colocation America’s Cloud’s completely redundant system allows for any one part to fail with absolutely no interruption or degradation in performance.

Snapshot Points

Snapshot points within your cloud infrastructure provides a near-instant recovery solution for your systems.

Archival Storage

The archival storage process of our cloud system will provide you with the reliability you need for protecting your data.

Off-Site Backups

An option of Colocation America’s cloud allows you to automatically backup your data off-site, providing redundancy against natural disasters, etc.


Reliability—Connecting to the cloud with Colocation America is more reliable than standalone hardware. By combining dedicated hardware assets with the cloud’s auto-failover provides the most efficient and reliable solution for all of your critical applications.

Dedicated Assets—dedicated assets are a surefire, 100 percent effective way of guaranteeing performance and reliability in all environments, applications, and instances.

Technical Support—All of Colocation America’s services, including connecting to the public cloud, comes with world-class support on all of your systems, allowing you to rest easy knowing a dedicated team of engineers who understand the aspects of your system are on-site and ready to provide you with the service and support you need, 24/7/365.

100 Percent Uptime—downtime is the biggest fear of any enterprise and IT professional. By connecting to the cloud with Colocation America, your environment is protected against all types of hardware failures via our first-class data center infrastructure.


What you may not realize is that the major cloud providers place their equipment in a high-performance colocation environment.

Instead of shoveling out cash for building out individual network loops to the cloud (and all your service providers!), a business can colocate their existing IT inside one of Colocation America’s data centers to cross-connect to the cloud via the existing data center infrastructure.

This allows for your business to have higher performance at a lower total cost and here’s why:

  • Boosting your overall business performance by reducing or eliminating entirely any latency in connecting to cloud providers through other service providers.
  • Gives you unlimited flexibility in how you grow your business IT through the cloud and otherwise. Changes can be made in your cloud provider in real time through a simple cross-connect within the data center. Equipment can be added, removed, and supported by an expert 24/7 staff.
  • Reducing your overall cost (and overall headache) by lessening the number of network connections needed to access your IT.
  • Competitive pricing on network products which connect to our cloud-enabled data center.