Our Unique Approach to Data Center Support

Backed by over 15 years of experience in the industry, our 24/7 expert IT staff team is prepared to protect and support your business critical data and hardware. Day or night, you can always connect to our IT staff team for help to any hosting problem that may arise. Speaking with one of our IT staff members is just one facet of our support network. There is a team aiding every IT staff member making sure that your problem is addressed efficiently and effectively. Our unique approach to support allows us to be more transparent within our organization resulting in faster response times and an overall improved customer support experience. data center support logo To ensure that you get the best possible support, every client gets their own dedicated account rep. No matter if you have a 1U colocation plan or 20 servers with us, every client has their very own direct line of support. No outsourced calls or reading off a script, just a real live 24/7 support like you want it. Hey, just think of your Account Representative as just another resource to help grow your business - that is what they are there for! Waste no more time and start experiencing the best customer support in the industry by contacting a Sales Representative today!